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You are a Human Jewel

At a Human Jewel, we believe that when a person can tap the passion and purpose inside and connect outside, they become a brilliant Human Jewel! Our mission is to inspire individuals to express their identity with confidence, connect zealously with others, add sparkle to their story, and live a joyful life. This is the story behind the birth of Human Jewel, a unique online jewelry boutique that puts all this together, so you can prosper and shine.

Human Jewel Co. goes beyond being just a store of trinkets. Now it is easy for you to match your action style and color energy preferences with trending and exciting pieces from all over the globe. Like magic, just press a tab or search in categories and see a wide variety of pieces pop up. Place the ones you like in the bag and securely check out. Whether you want to spark a conversation, send a meaningful message, or find a perfect gift for someone special, you know you are in the right place when you are here exploring fun, fashionable, and flattering jewelry.

Own Your Style

Imagine having fun discovering your true essence, displaying it, and being remembered. Jewelry that suits your taste allows you to send a clearer message without speaking a word. If you are still wondering how we make it easy all on one site. Just uncover the hidden energy behind colors and the age old fabric of your personal temperament in our COLOR ME ME and What's MY STYLE  areas. Then, just search for items in categories, like magic, see your matches that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Become a memorable masterpiece by matching our jewelry items with your preferences, passions, and pastimes. Learn more about jewelry history and trends in our Blog. It's refreshing to create wow and live in joy. Our jewelry is designed for you to start the right conversations, zealously connect and collaborate with others in the blink of an eye.

Everybody Has a Story

I know you have already figured this out by now. We accomplish great things together, rarely alone. The human species craves social connections and stories. Today neuroscientists inform us that it's in our brains. The fact is, feel-good chemicals are released when we listen to or tell stories that touch others. So you can just mine your memories to see these golden nuggets to share. People do not know you unless you are willing to tell your story. There will be those who dispute or disregard your experience, expertise, or education but, in the end, the ones who listen and converse will come closer and stay. Since ancient times, adornments and talismans have echoed the wearer. As a visual messenger, wearing jewelry can spark conversations, speak volumes, and add credibility. The right piece serves to make a symbolic statement of iconic embellishment and fashion grandeur.

Add Sparkle to Your Storytelling

You are a Human Jewel. Given the complex and quick pace of life today, mindfully living with meaning is vital. Happiness makes a positive difference that adds to the individual and community. From social media to network gatherings; storytelling (punctuated with jewelry) allows you to broadcast who you are in an instant. That moment is gone forever if one needs to and cannot quickly articulate or eloquently express their message. Until now. The right jewelry can add perfect accents. Impeccable stories that naturally flow out of you capture attention in minds and hearts to create bonds. They simply help others make sense of you.

Love Your Look

Do the pieces you wear resonate with you? Do they resonate with others? You will be amazed how common sense this is. Your narratives share you with others who build relationships. As an accessory, jewelry pulls us to others and others to us in several ways. When you know the character of your natural persona and your look echoes your presence. You end up sending a captivating signal that is loud AND clear. We make it easy to identify your style and pick pieces cued to match from our curated collection. Thus, you can quickly stand out from the crowd with an alluring piece of jewelry that speaks to who you are. Add this edge to influence interactions, gain impact, and be remembered.

Our Mission

Has someone said to you lately “That’s a nice piece of jewelry you’re wearing?” and you instinctively replied, "Oh, I got this...You recalled a fantastic time, extraordinary achievement, etc. Was your story remembered and repeated? That is the actual question that launched this business. One day our founder was coaching a client with a preference for introversion. She was going to a major conference. Together they came up with the idea of getting a new dress in blue which represented characteristics e.g. trust and teamwork, significant to her. Since she held a big position in the organization, she also got some new bold pieces of jewelry. They were both amazed at how well this shortcut to social success warmed up meetings. People were approaching and commenting on her new look. Wow! Filled with confidence, courage, and purpose, it's a breeze to kick-start conversations, cooperate, and achieve. We believe that growth is a strengths based social process that is fueled by learning and collaborating. Our vision is simple. It's human nature to connect with a personal character and to spread ideas through impactful stories. By adding sparkle to your story, you can amplify your message and love your look. Be you. Be brilliant. Join us in sharing happiness, love, and unity.

Our Story

Like a good story or gemstone there is a vein of continuity here. Our founder, Dr. Rivers is enterprising with a background in marketing, education, and technology. As an idealist, she has spent the better part of her life following her passion to help people and organizations learn and thrive. Her grandmother Julia worked in the New York garment industry and could tie a bow with one hand. Her step-mother’s mother, Helen, owned a brick and mortar jewelry store on Miami Beach for three decades. Her daughter, Lucia, inherited the store where Rivers worked on weekends. Thus, this endeavor brings together three generations of confident women whose passion is to help humanity flourish. In a variety of capacities, Deborah aspires to help individuals live their life's destiny by design, not default. Playfully, makes it easy for people to discover for themselves the gist of inner style and color preferences. Pick and purchase jewelry that personally fits and have it delivered right to their door. This unique online boutique's focus is on making individuals shine and succeed.

Flourish, Thrive, and Prosper

Help us help others create joyful moments and blossom. We hope our fun, fashionable, and affordable items will inspire you to be the magnificent Human Jewel you are. Don't be the world's best kept secret. Also, please spread the word and support this small, woman-owned business now. Surprise Gift certificate vouchers, in any US dollar amount, are available for all special occasions. There is a referral Affiliate Program tailored for qualified coaches and others whose purpose is to help people and organizations positively. Let us know your success stories about how our jewelry sparked connections for you and enjoy!

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