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Understanding the Impact of Colors  


What's Your Favorite? 

Ever wondered why you cannot wait to go out of a room painted with yellow walls? Or why the color blue helps calm your nerves? Or how certain places can feel downright irritating while other places feel pleasantly welcoming? Well if your wandering mind has indulged itself in these musings, we have to tell you, the answer is purely hidden in plain sight.

This is because colors affect your sense of feeling and the ability to perceive objects. They also have the ability to influence a person's physical and mental state. For example, studies suggest that people looking at the color red end up with an increased heart rate. In fact, it's been found by medical science that different colors can control the observer's body temperature and blood pressure too.

Colors largely influence how we see things and it’s the first and foremost thing that people notice about us. So, the colors we choose to display speaks a lot about ourselves and the image we are trying to portray.The particular color combinations we choose to showcase our personality actually mirror the inner state of our minds. Cool and soothing colors like blue and emerald reflect happiness while warm colors symbolize sadness in a person's life.

So, without further ado let's discuss some basic colors and understand their effect on our minds. color

White is the color of eternal goodness and comprised of every other color. Light reflects its brilliance. Hence, the solitary color represents hundred percent purity, calmness, simplicity, and even virginity. The various tones are worn in wedding gowns. If you are tired by the vibrancy of eye-bulging colors and they make you feel woozy, turning to white is your ideal option. It will calm your nerves, increase focus, and the simplicity will reflect your elegance to the world.

Red is the color of blood and fire. It is generally said to represent complex emotions ranging from love and romance to war and violence, representing both the cupid and the devil. It reflects an intense and captivating experience that does not require a long time to attract attention. The physical effects of red include high blood pressure, enhanced confidence and higher levels of energy. One of Hippocrates four humors was blood.   

Pink is the color of loving and calmness. Did you know that majority of the prison cells are painted in the color pink only because psychologists believe that, unlike red, pink helps calm the nerves of angry people? Other than that, pink is also symbolic to love and care. People who choose pink over other colors are generally very loving and compassionate people by heart.

Yellow is cheerful happiness and fun. It is a sunny warm, positive, and joyful color. One of Hippocrates four humors associated was enthusiastic. 

Green is the color of life, continuation, growth, and nature. It is the most balanced of colors as it acts as the bridge between soothing cold colors and tempting warm ones. In Western Culture it is viewed as the embodiment of money and financial safety. For this reason, it is often used by banks to psychologically build trust in the minds of their consumers. One of Hippocrates four humors was calm (phlegm). 

Blue naturally represents both the sea and the sky. In the West it is generally associated with power, purpose, trust, and freedom. In many cultures, it is significant in religious beliefs and is assumed to keep bad spirits at bay. It appears in over half of corporate logos. Have you noticed that some of the biggest organizations such as Facebook and Twitter are branded with the color blue? This is because blue signifies confidence, focus and success. However, sometimes some shades of blue are also considered as ‘cold’.

Purple is the color of wisdom and sophistication. Purple is most often associated with all things mindful and royal. It reflects intellect, mysticism, and prosperity while the person who wishes to adorn themselves with the color purple mostly gives off a sense of higher wit when found amidst a crowd

Black is the color of authority and strength. Black exudes so much power which is why most professionals choose to wear black for important meetings. And hand and in hand with power goes drama which is why you’ll notice how most graduation robes are clad in black. This is the only color which cannot be confined to express one single trait. One of Hippocrates four humors associated was somber. 

Black is the color of sophistication, strength and authority. Black exudes so much power which is why most professionals choose to wear black for important meetings. At the opposite end of the spectrum of white light is the absence of it, black darkness. Going hand in hand, computer binary code is made up of "empty" zeros and "full" ones. You’ll notice how most graduates robes, celebrating the end of schoolwork (with a terminal degree) are clad in black. This is the only color which cannot be confined to express one single trait. One of Hippocrates four humors was somber.

However, this is just a scratch on the surface. The world of colors is deep for detailed understanding. Here is a list of selected gemstone colors and their names.

Gemstone Colors

In which month were you born?

Chakra Color Energy


Disclaimer: Color interpretations are a very individual matter and vary from person to person.  For entertainment purposes, colors are the authors own interpretations. However, they are represented in many standard interpretations, filtered by the understanding of the universe, and not meant to offend anyone. For more personalized approach, it is recommended that a formal reliable and valid assessment be administered by a qualified counselor.  
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