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Gemstones and Birthstones

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About Gemstones and Crystals: Color and Cut Guides

The Many Facets of a Gemstone

What is the History of Birthstones?

Birthstones are dated back to the ancient days ofIsrael and the Breastplate of Aaron as sighted in the book of Exodus. Thebreastplate was decorated with twelve different gemstones; each representing aseparate tribe in old Israel.

However, as time passed by, in the 5th century,Christian scholars connected the twelve gemstones to the twelve months of the year and moving forward, the twelve zodiac signs. They believed that each stone had the power to change someone’s life, heal wounds and bring positivity. Hence, people started to wear gemstones of each month on a regular basis until the practice was modified to every person wearing his own birthstone throughout the year.

Conflict of Birthstones

When this practice became a ritual amongst the masses,there were discrepancies about gemstones and their respective months. To avoidfurther confusion, Sears published a final list of gemstones for each month inthe 12th century.

In today’s modern world,gemstones have become an eminent accessory in jewelry and design. While some wear their birthstones for well-bring, others wear them as a fashion statement to signify their personalities.

History andSignificance of Birthstones

Ask someone what their birthstone is and they willinstantly answer back with the stone of their month. While this has become apart of popular culture, it is interesting to know where and how birthstonesemerged from and why they are so significant to mankind.

What is a Birthstone?

A birthstone is a dedicated gemstone which represents a month from the calendar year and/or a zodiac symbol. Astrologers believe that birthstones have a great impact on a person’s life and daily activities hence they are becoming increasing popular with the youth today.

Birthstones are now seen in jewelry as a gentle reminder to celebrate the birth month of the individual wearing it.

Four Trends Which Are Bringing Gemstones Back 

Rosy Quartz

At the other spectrum of the chocolatey Quartz, the rosy one is a symbol of unconditional love and passion. This shade is now popularly known as ‘Millennial Pink’ which took over the world of fashion in 2018!

12 Birthstones! 12 Months! 12 Meanings!

Every month has its special birthstone which signifies the traits of the people belonging to that month and influence their lifestyles. According to Astrology, people believe that every birthstone can influence a person’s destiny; either bringing them close to their desires or helping them find a way out of their problems.

If this tickles your fancy and you want to know more, here is a brief introduction of each month with its birthstone and what it stands for:

1.         January

Stone: Garnet

Stands For: Protection

Color: Dark Red

For a friend you wish to be safe in a journey.

2.         February

Stone: Amethyst

Stands For: Wisdom

Color: Violet

For those who need to be inspired to make wise decisions.

 3.         March

Stone: Aquamarine

Stands For: Blue or Cyan

Color: Serenity

For those seeking harmonyin marriages, a sound sleep and peace of mind.

 4.         April

Stone: Pure Quartz

Stands For: Strength

Color: Clear, Transparent

For those who need to bereminded to stay strong.

 5.         May

Stone: Emerald

Stands For: Hope

Color: Dark Green

For people who arestarting a new life and need a ray of hope out of turmoil.

 6.         June

Stone: Alexandrite

Stands For: Love

Color: Variable

For those who want toexpress love and care towards someone special.

 7.         July

Stone: Ruby

Stands For: Vitality

Color: Red

For those who wish forenergy, life and good health.

8.         August

Stone: Peridot

Stands For: Beauty

Color: Olive Green

For those who want torepresent a higher form of beauty.

 9.         September

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Stands For: Truth

Color: Deep Blue

For those who wish to be honestand make right decisions.

 10.        October

Stone: Rubellite or RedTourmaline

Stands For: Healing

Color: Pinkish Red

For those who want toheal through spirituality.

 11.        November

Stone: Citrine

Stands For: Joy

Color: Dark Yellow

For those who want to seen illuminating light of positivity.

 12.        December

Stone: Turquoise

Stands For: Friendship

Color: Turquoise

For those who want to extend a friendly hand towards a new person.

Do Crystals Heal? - Crystal healing is analternative medicine technique that employs the use of stones and differentcrystals to protect against various diseases and cure a variety of illnesses.Adherents of this technique believe that these crystals help in rejuvenating ourenergy flow - compelling negative and unhealthy energy to flow out of the bodywhile making room for a healthier and positive energy within ourselves. For peoplewho believe, these stones are not just a mere accessory but are a stronginstrument for transforming, healing and cleansing the energy fields that theycome in contact with.

Eventhough crystal healing has seen an eminent increase in popularity over the pastfew years, it is still not recognized as an authentic mode of treatment by theworld at large. This treatment/therapy is considered pseudoscience; lacking anycohesive proof or evidence to support its healing effect.

Origin of Crystal Healing The practice to heal using crystals has existed since the very early days of mankind, dating back to at least 6,000 years; the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, in the form of amulets. But there is no concrete data to suggest the earliest date when this method came into practice. The Ancient Egyptians used to bury their loved ones with Quartz crystals and other healing stones to help them guide through their afterlife.

Duringthe Renaissance period, which began in the 11th century, crystals were usedalong with herbal remedies to help cure the sick. But the ideology ofcontemporary crystal healing is based on Asian concepts particularly from the Buddhist concept of chakras or nodes of physicalenergy which are believed to bridge the bodily and spiritual sectors and theChinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi).

Making Use of Crystal Healing - The big question now is how to incorporate this healing technique into your daily lives? The simplest, most elegant way is to craft these stones into wearable jewelry allowing you to benefit from the healing power of crystals and stones while looking charismatic at the same time. The natural aura and metaphysical properties of crystals constantly work on balancing your mind and soul. When these stones are placed directly on your body, a powerful vibratory flow radiates from the stone, enabling you to experience its energy unswervingly. Besides that, it is also immensely beneficial to put these stones around your house and workplaces so you are continuously surrounded by a vast amount of free-flowing positive energy.

Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment purposes and representative of many standard interpretations. For a more personalized interpretation, it is recommended that a a qualified and certified gemologist by consulted.  

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