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How This Site Works

Find an impeccable match that opens up your persona to the world. We honor the intricacy of an individual while displaying patterns common to all people. We urge you to discover the energy that talks to you in our Color Me Me and What’s My Style sections.

Define your personality in 3 easy steps unique to your panache and be amazed at the pieces that match you:

a. Press What's MY STYLE to determine a temperament type that suits you.
b. Review our COLOR ME ME area to discover a colors energy that
resonateswith you.

2. Press the tab or select from the Navigation Bar the name of the temperament under the home display banner. Like magic, items personalized for you will appear. If offered, select your choice of color and other details. You can always an a item to your personal Wishlist by pressing the heart icon.

3. Add the items you love to your bag; press “Buy Now” to have them shipped right to your door and enjoy!

If the need for emotional connectedness is not satisfied, collective human endeavor is impossible. ~ E. Shapiro and W. Carr

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes,gemstones, colors,temperamentsinformation etc. are theauthorsown interpretations. However, they are represented in many standard interpretations, filtered by the understanding of the universe, and not meant to offend anyone. For more personalized approach, it is recommended that a formal reliable and valid assessment be administered by a qualified counselor
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