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Tell Your Story Using Your Birthstone

By: Cristal
Tell Your Story Using Your Birthstone

Gemstones are a wonderful way to spark a conversation. From enticing curiosity in the minds of others to making them wonder in awe, gemstones have the potential to speak volumes on your behalf. Needless to say, there are only a few times you will have to explain yourself. For anyone who is interested in birthstones will know what your story is just by looking at the stone you are wearing.

Wondering how is it even possible to make a statement without saying a word? Well, it is easy.

If you are an April baby, your stone is clear Quartz. Anyone who knows a little about the impact of stones will know that your story is centered around strength, charisma and love. You can turn this into an opportunity to motivate people into believing in themselves and the giving courage to those who need it. You can become an epitome of strength and power in your surroundings, simply because of the birthstone you wish to adorn yourself with.

Similarly, all those born in November can narrate a story of giving joy and happiness to those around them. Shining with the light of the sun, these people will illuminate any dark corner with the brightness of their presence. Hence, turn any dull conversation into an interesting one and change any bad mood into a happy one without extra effort!

Regardless of being worn as an ornament or keeping them in your surroundings as solid rocks, birthstones are believed to have an impact even if they are simply placed in the environment where you exist. You can decorate your home with decoration pieces, wall hangings and lamps of your birthstone and that will become a part of narrating your story.

Jewels have the power to ignite a meaningful conversation that unravels personalities, provoke ideas and make a statement. So, go ahead and express yourself.


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