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12 Birthstones! 12 Months! 12 Meanings!

By: Cristal
12 Birthstones! 12 Months! 12 Meanings!

12 Birthstones! 

Every month has its special birthstone which signifies the traits of the people belonging to that month and influence their lifestyles. According to Astrology, people believe that every birthstone can influence a person’s destiny; either bringing them close to their desires or helping them find a way out of their problems.

If this tickles your fancy and you want to know more, here is a brief introduction of each month with its birthstone and what it stands for:

1.         January

Stone: Garnet

Stands For: Protection

Color: Dark Red

For a friend you wish to be safe in a journey.

2.         February

Stone: Amethyst

Stands For: Wisdom

Color: Violet

For those who need to be inspired to make wise decisions.

 3.         March

Stone: Aquamarine

Stands For: Blue or Cyan

Color: Serenity

For those seeking harmony in marriages, a sound sleep and peace of mind.

 4.         April

Stone: Pure Quartz

Stands For: Strength

Color: Clear, Transparent

For those who need to be reminded to stay strong.

  5.         May

Stone: Emerald

Stands For: Hope

Color: Dark Green

For people who are starting a new life and need a ray of hope out of turmoil.

 6.         June

Stone: Alexandrite

Stands For: Love

Color: Variable

For those who want to express love and care towards someone special.

 7.         July

Stone: Ruby

Stands For: Vitality

Color: Red

For those who wish for energy, life and good health.

 8.         August

Stone: Peridot

Stands For: Beauty

Color: Olive Green

For those who want to represent a higher form of beauty.

 9.         September

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Stands For: Truth

Color: Deep Blue

For those who wish to be honest and make right decisions.

  10.        October

Stone: Rubellite or Red Tourmaline

Stands For: Healing

Color: Pinkish Red

For those who want to heal through spirituality.

 11.        November

Stone: Citrine

Stands For: Joy

Color: Dark Yellow

For those who want to see an illuminating light of positivity.

 12.        December

Stone: Turquoise

Stands For: Friendship

Color: Turquoise

For those who want to extend a friendly hand towards a new person.

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