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Eminent People and their use of Pins and Brooches

By: Cristal
Eminent People and their use of Pins and Brooches

There’s a vast history about how pins and brooches have been used by politicians and members of the royal families as a mode of expression for their thoughts. This is where these pins began to hold a deeper meaning rather than just being a pretty accessory to adorn at formal events.

The most exemplary example in this area are the brooches adorned by the Queen Elizabeth throughout her reign. The iconic pins and brooches that the Queen wears have been either passed on from her grandmother, Queen Mary or her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. These brooches are most likely the most expensive pieces of jewelry that the earth has ever seen. Hence, these brooches carry with them a legacy; a legacy that cannot be merely described in a few words.

In today’s avant-garde world, the significance of brooches has been carried forward from the traditions of the past. Only recently, the former US Secretary, Madeleine Albright made her fascination and use of pins public in her book. During her tenure, she used her pins as an armor instead of a piece of jewelry.

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