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Significance of Pins and Brooches Through the Ages

By: Cristal
Significance of Pins and Brooches Through the Ages

Pins and brooches have been around for times immemorial. The recent splurge of these items as jewelry and extravagant accessory is just a mere show of fashion. But if you flip the pages of history, you will find that, once upon a time, the use and custom of wearing pins or brooches was of great significance. The most recent display of this sophistication was made by the Queen Elizabeth II, who prestigiously adorned a beautiful brooch at her 90th birthday celebration.

However, in the old days, pins were primarily used to tie two pieces of clothing together or hold a silky-like fabric in its place. It was a very functional need that gave rose to this modern-day ornamental piece of art. According to texts from times bygone, pins and brooches were initially made of thorns before the creation of metal pins; which date back to the times of Bronze Age. 

The symbolism of pins and brooches is so important in the world of jewelry and accessories especially in describing the state of mind of anybody.

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