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Tantalizing Bait for Crowd-surfing

By: Cristal
Tantalizing Bait for Crowd-surfing

Crowd-surfing – weaving your way through the maze. Are you a person who wants to love your look, get noticed, be remembered? Are you having a hard time with connecting with people in a crowd? In an age of instant on, whether it is crowd surfing or social networking it take guts to step into a bunch of strangers and hope they won’t let you fall. Here are three tips to help you soar.

Trust. Rivet relationships together. Wear an interesting piece of jewelry as a shield to protect you in uncharted waters or to spark engaging chats.

Credibility. Put a fleeting moment on pause with an interesting piece of jewelry that allows you the opportunity to make a deeper connection with someone of interest. Soar with a quick reference to a piece of jewelry and become memorable.

Common goal. An artful or recognizable shape allows you to meet on common ground. Leverage the people in the room by building goodwill, reputation, or relationships and remember to enjoy the ride. If you are serious about sparkling, look at our curated pieces now. If you want to know which archetype resonates with you, look at What’s My Style?

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