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Style + Artisan

By: Cristal
Style + Artisan

   Artisan – The Fox 

Known as the “Concrete Pragmatists” and “Tactical Negotiator,” an Adventurous Artisan is “quick as a fox” and cleverly works around an obstacle and attending to the details. They are realists who sharply perceive situations and waste no time in finding skillful solutions. They can be exciting storytellers, adventure and thrill-seekers, and exemplify thinking tactically.

The Artisan prefers improvisational or expediting aspects of jobs that require demonstrating, synthesizing, instrumenting, or persuading. These crafty caretakers do practical things like helping people as social workers, jewelers, teachers, bartenders, nurses, surgeons, firefighters, or entertainers.

Famous people: Angela Jolie, Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg

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