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Style + Visionary

By: Cristal
Style + Visionary

   Visionary – The Owl

Known as the “Rational Strategist” and “Abstract Pragmatists,” these visionaries soar on wisdom and intellectual thinking. They are logical and deeply engage in facts, theories, and reason. They can excel in being a strategist, forward-thinking inventor or a challenging critic. As owls fly above the details, use sharp vision and hearing to see the big picture. This keeps them calm through stressful situations while they choose to react wisely.

Rationalists are strategic thinkers who like construct or arrange solutions through devising, designing, mobilizing, or entailing holistic systems. They are the theorists who hold positions as leaders, chiefs, directors, executives, engineers, researchers, scientists, and masterminds who make up the ranks of physicians, microbiologists, reporters, software developers, and professors. They work with innovative ideas, inventions and change.

Famous people: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein

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