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Style + Traditionalist

By: Cristal
Style + Traditionalist

   Traditionalist – The Beaver 

Known as the Guardian and “Concrete Cooperator,” a Traditionalist is humble and grounded who likes to live in the safe settings of family. They like conforming and are ones who establish and enforce rules, so all may run peacefully. They are trustworthy, responsible, logical, honorable, and respectful. Like a “busy beaver”, they are usually grounded to their community; close to the roots and details of life.

Guardians put their observational skills to work by supporting or regulating logistical aspects of work such as supplying, securing, enforcing, or certifying items. As pragmatists, they use logical systems that produce tangible results. They comprise the ranks of managers, administrators, carpenters, contractors, accountants, and loan, military, or police officers.

Famous people: Hillary Clinton, Hugh Jackson, George Washington, Mother Teresa.

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