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“Why Do We Do What We Do?”

The answer is that for 25 centuries the Greeks used the fourdistinct behavioral patterns of Hippocrates, popularly termed as“temperaments.” In 590 BC, Ezekiel posited the four living creatures: lion, ox, man,and eagle. In 340 BC Plato proposed four characters: artistic, sensible,intuitive, and reasoning; followed on by Aristotle. As ages passed by, the American Plains Indians distinguishedthe four quadrants with characteristics of animals on the Medicine Wheel.Around 1550, Paracelsus referred to them as Nymphs, Sylphs, Gnomes, andSalamanders. In 1958 Myers four types:SP (sensing perceiving), SJ (sensing judging), NF (intuitive feeling), and NT(intuitive thinking) on Jungian psychology. In the 1980's, Kiersey termed the types: Guardian, Artisan,Rational, and Idealist. Although labels change over time, the premise is the same. Humans have a natural and adaptive personality style and they prize social connections. Thus, we respect and honor the intricacyof an individual while displaying patterns common to all people. The information presented here is an educated interpretation based on centuries of offindings. Let us look inside.

Temperament is embedded into the fabric of our personality. Themany facets offer insight into the rich tapestry of our preferences and habits,which mold expressions and make up the core of who we are and how we act.Knowing your preference makes it easy to spin a compelling story based on yourcharacter, credentials, and experiences. Explore, empower, and exhibit who youare. When you start from the inside out, you cansend a clearer message. Career positions selected generallyfall into these categories: cooperative or utilitarian type; concrete orabstract, and are either informative or directive, expressive or attentiveroles. Be brilliant, shine, and have some fun. Which style do you relate closest to? By linking our jewelry items to yourpreferences, passions, and pastimes you’ll zealously connect with others in theblink of an eye.

So, what’s your style? Check these out:   Beaver   |   Fox   |   Owl   |   Dolphin

   Traditionalist – The Beaver 

Known as the Guardian and “Concrete Cooperator,” a Traditionalist is humble and grounded who likes to live in the safe settings of family. They like conforming and are ones who establish and enforce rules, so all may run peacefully. They are trustworthy, responsible, logical, honorable,and respectful. Like a “busy beaver”, they are usually grounded to their community; close to the roots and details of life.

Guardians put their observational skills to work by supporting or regulating logistical aspects of work such as supplying, securing, enforcing, or certifying items. As pragmatists, they use logical systems that produce tangible results. They comprise the ranks of managers, administrators, carpenters, contractors,accountants, and loan, military, or police officers.

|     Famous people: Hillary Clinton, Hugh Jackson, George Washington, Mother Teresa     |    

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fox   Artisan – The Fox 

Known as the “Concrete Pragmatists” and “TacticalNegotiator,” an Adventurous Artisan is “quick as a fox” and cleverly works around an obstacle and attending to the details. They are realists who sharply perceive situations and waste no time in finding skillful solutions. They can be exciting storytellers, adventure and thrill-seekers, and exemplify thinking tactically.

The Artisan prefers improvisational or expediting aspects of jobs that require demonstrating, synthesizing, instrumenting, or persuading. These crafty caretakers do practical things like helping people as social workers, jewelers, teachers, bartenders, nurses,firefighters, or entertainers.

|     Famous people: Angela Jolie, Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg     |    

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owl   Visionary – The Owl

Known as the “Rational Strategist” and “AbstractPragmatists,” these visionaries soar on wisdom and intellectual thinking. Theyare logical and deeply engage in facts, theories, and reason. They can excel inbeing a strategist, forward-thinking inventor or a challenging critic. As owlsfly above the details, use sharp vision and hearing to see the bigpicture. This keeps them calm through stressful situations while they choose to reactwisely.

Rationalists are strategic thinkers who like construct or arrangesolutions through devising, designing, mobilizing, or entailing holisticsystems. They are the theorists who hold positions as leaders, chiefs, directors, executives,engineers, researchers, scientists, and masterminds who make up the ranks of physicians,microbiologists, reporters, software developers, and professors. They work withinnovative ideas, inventions and change.

|     Famous people: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein     |    

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   Catalyst – The Dolphin 

Known as the “Idealist Diplomat” and “Abstract Cooperator,” aCatalyst thrives to live a harmonious, meaningful life by inspiring others.They value relationships over everything else and are keen on developing bonds,unifying groups of people, and mentoring/ coaching in general. They are smart with astrong sixth sense, being empathetic, playful, and friendly. A dolphins’ sonargives them an uncanny ability to navigate the environment and thus arediplomatic.

Catalystsare idealists who introspectively apply their mediating and improving skills tomotivate, conciliate, educate with a focus on guiding people to make the world a better place.Strong on empathy and a sixth sense, they are employed as educators,counselors, writers, therapists, psychologists, and restaurateurs.

|     Famous people: Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon     |    

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So Why Do You Do What You Do?

A useful purpose is rooted in your past, deals with today's realities, and demonstrates future aspirations. It signifies who you are and what you stand for. It draws you, and those around you, into a memorable and meaningful existence. Compelling imagery and stories engage and enlist commitment. Storytelling serves to create and cultivate actions that contribute to society. Everybody has a story. Make Yours Sparkle and Love Your Look.

Beaver   |   Fox   |   Owl   |   Dolphin

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Individuals are encouraged to match their style to an impeccablepiece of jewelry in order to open up their persona to the world. You are urgedto discover the energy that talks to you in our Color Me Meand What’s My Style sections. Remember, how you adorn yourselfcan speak volumes and make connections.

Disclaimer: Based on nurture and nature, personality temperament interpretations are a very individual matter and vary from person to person. For entertainment purposes, these are the authors own interpretations. However, they are represented in many standard interpretations, filtered by the understanding of the universe, and not meant to offend anyone. For more personalized approach, it is recommended that a formal reliable and valid assessment be administered by a qualified counselor.  

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